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Close Protection Training at PSA

The bodyguard training program of the PSA Academy™ is done with the TCCS methods and the specially crafted and assembled educational material and themes based on the experiences and knowledge used by the centre’s founder and other security, anti-terrorist experts, agents and protection officers working in various areas of security and protection around the world; the British (SAS), the American (Secret Service and Diplomatic Protection Service), the Russian (President’s Bodyguard Unit) and the Israeli Security Service.

The satisfaction of the market and the needs, of the clientele, with the consideration of the modern age, international terrorism and the new crime-committing devices and methods were also top priority in the development and structuring of the educational material, not counting the professional challenges.

The TCCS is specially developed educational system and themes are recognized by many international organizations and thanks to that, it also functions as an accreditation educational institute for many international organizations, so its courses are now recognized and accredited in more than 120 countries around the world.

The PSA’s Bodyguard Training Program - considering these needs - offers training and specialized further training in the following 5 fields of study.

  • Celebrity Bodyguard/VIP Protection
  • Business Area/Personal assistant
  • Diplomatic Corps/Diplomatic Bodyguard
  • Kid Guard/Child Bodyguard
  • Military Bodyguard/PSD/PMC (Private Military Contractor)
All modules of the PSA’s Bodyguard training program are intensive residential educational systems, which are in 2-3 weeks periods, containing live firearms practice and situations taking place under extreme stress.

The Celebrity/Business/Kid Guard modules concentrate specially on small arms weapons at different stages starting from the basics, while the Diplomatic and Military modules use sub - machine guns, assault rifles, and rifles besides the small arms weapons and also teach the combination opportunities of their fire power and techniques.

Through the PSA’s branches we have access to several open and closed shooting ranges, so each module - due to the difficulties in the British legal system - will usually be held in ex-communist, Eastern block countries, such us: Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Ukraine; or in Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Israel or US.

Bodyguard Training Program description is available here, just click on the picture and see or download the program brochure.

We offer client specific courses also.

If you interest the individuals or the group then not hesitate and contact us.

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