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About us


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The PSA Academy™ is providing special training programs and courses for the  government agencies as an law enforcement, police services and the military armed forces, futhermore the private security and defence professionals.
We provide one of the best cutting edge of reality based training and under our training programs we can offer more than 60 different professional or update and competency courses for You or your team from initial training to advanced and comprehensive training and all this we do in the highest standard.
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The goal of PSA Academy educational is to train protective specialist, high leaders and instructors, whose not only accomplish their tasks but due to there high level of training and live experience they can organize and coordinate different security duties and can think in complex protective system.
Whose attend our special courses and seminars will receive up to date, and modern practical and not only theoretical knowledge, furthermore there own practical experience will help there future employer, and due to there high level of skills they can also be employed to the governmental and also the civil sector.
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The founders and instructors are fully commited to the cause and worked for a long time as highly trained, internationally recognized security and anti-terrorist proffesionals, experts, consultants, and trainers.
Who are highly qualified ex-soldiers, police officers and law enforcement agents who have real life experience with weapons. Who under the years obtained much knowledge and personal experiences in the different special security areas that, in Armed Personal Protection, Victim & Witness Protection, and PSD, urban warfare, and SWAT, etc.
The Academy's faculty consists of former senior executives from several national Security Agencies and Law Enforcement forces, including the major intelligence agencies: DEA, FBI, IDF and Mossad. Each faculty member and teacher brings a wealth of knowledge gained from their specific personal experiences in dealing with the issues, and all colleagues benefit from this.
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Result - More than 3000 students

Result - 6 Regional Centers

Result - More than 15 years Educational Experience

Result - Global Solutions





Key of our success

The KEY of our success is not secret just is the following:

  •   Real experience (service and educational)
  •   Briliant and highly educated Instructors and management team
  •   Appropriate Facilities and training equipments
  •   Independence and freedom in education
  •   Continuous development and Innovation
  •   Goal orientation and central quality control
  •   Always up-to-date and professionally developed educational materials.
  •   and the last but the biggest thing -

HQ Center and equipments

The Central Educational and Training Center of PSA Academy™ which is at the same time operate as an European regional training center too, is operate in heart of Europe in Hungary but the Academy also operates several country representations and Regional training centers in worldwide under the supervisor of the HQ and the Regional centers.
The HQ Educational Center designed to meet and satisfy all training needs of the law enforcement and security professionals. Therefore in this area operate the Hungarian Law Enforcement School which support our work. On this area you can find various facilities such as the shooting ranges, tactical house, dojo, gym, class rooms, accomodation and etc.
The Centre use state of the art training equipment which is used for special law enforcement units and military training for special training purposes, such as the Simunition FX weapons, equipments and Protector System or ShockKnife, StressVestMIL-SIM-FX (IED Simunition System), REDMAN protective gear as well as ARCADA Law Enforcement marksmanship training simulator and other equipment too.
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