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IBSSA - International Bodyguard & Security Services Association

I.B.S.S.A. is the official international association of private security firms, manpower and technical resources companies, technological industries and individual members dealing with security professions.

The IBSSA is a non-profit international association involved in organizing, coordinating, giving assistance, technical help and development to its members worldwide in the field of security in all its forms.

The association was registered in France in 1994. The Honorary Founding President of the IBSSA is H.R.H. Prince Adan CZARTORYSKI BORBON.

The IBSSA is represented today in more than 100 countries, through its members IBSSA represents hundred thousands of different security companies, security experts or organizations. For more information about this international organisation as well as the requirement of the memberships, please look at the official ibssa website. www.ibssa.org


The PSA-Academy™ has got international recognition and qualifications from the International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (I.B.S.S.A.) as an accredited institution for security and anti-terrorism science.

PSA-Academy operates as an official university and training center of I.B.S.S.A in the field of security education, with special regard to the field of bodyguarding. 

The primarily courses offerings in the system of the IBSSA and to different ibssa safety professional permits and certificate as provides.

At the PSA Academy the IBSSA training programs are led by a dedicated and team consisting of accreditated instructors with real profession experience and Military and Law Enforcement backrounds.

At PSA-Academy we offer wide range of security and safety courses from IBSSA Level 1 to 4, each of which is built by specific needs, combining a variety of individual modules and which meet the necessary criteria to enable you to apply for your IBSSA licence.

Some of the following IBSSA security courses that we offer :

  • IBSSA Level 1-4 Security Agent 
  • IBSSA Level 1-4 Bodyguard 
  • IBSSA Level 1-4 Value Security and Transportation
  • IBSSA Level 1-4 Manager of Security

Training seminars last from 10 days to 3 months. There are basic and advanced courses as well as general and special thematic such as shooting, self-defense, martial arts, specialist driving, close combat, bodyguarding, escorting, etc.

Group training is based on a 10 person minimum attendance. Training sessions are always available. All courses and qualifications will be done according to the rules set by IBSSA Education and Qualification Department.

After every training course an internationally recognized diploma and identity card with photograph of the participant will be issued, and their name included on the IBSSA list of recognized bodyguards. 

Security guards, bodyguards and other experts or instructors are entitled to carry an IBSSA passport also. 

It is available at the PSA Academy.

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