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Firearms Training

The PSA-Academy's firearms training program offers to elite military, - security personnel and law enforcement officers as well as civilian citizens.

The PSA-Academy's PSA firearms training Program is provided mainly in Europe in the ex-Eastern block countries because of the difficulties of the British Laws, but we can run our armed programs in our US, Asian and African centre also.

Only an effective, safe and authoritative program of study can guarantee that in a moment of danger YOU will act to protect yourself, your loved ones or the ones you are sworn to with self defense firearms training skills.

The PSA Shooting Training is such a program. Here, we teach Marksmanship – how to hit what you aim at. However, PSA training goes beyond this simple discipline to include the principles of Gun-handling.

We offer multiple levels of instruction in Firearms.

The shooting training at PSA are divided into 5 modules and modules onto 2 or 3 levels and special training for instructors.


  • Small Arms
  • Shotgun
  • Rifle/Carbine
  • Tactical shooting and SWAT
  • Sniper/Counter Sniper

Levels: basic, intermediate, advance and instructor


Furthermore we offer many different types of firearms competency courses for MSOs, CPOs, EPSs, PMCs, as well as for all security professionals who have needs for this certificate.

Our instructors are highly qualified ex-soldiers, police officers and law enforcement agents who have real life experience with weapons. Who under the years obtained much knowledge and personal experiences in the different special security areas that, in Armed Personal Protection, Victim & Witness Protection, and PSD, urban warfare, and SWAT.

The team leader is certified NRA Instructor and he has real personal and battle front experiences. He worked and protected VIPs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and other dangerous zones of the world. He has International and NATO classifications like military and police SWAT Instructor, VIP-Protective and anti-terrorist expert and specialist of the close combat.

Our training is professional, realistic and quality based. In our training we use real firearms, all kind of situations and create realistic atmospheres.

The Complete PSA Shooting Training Program description is available here, just click on the picture and see or download the program brochure.

We offer client specific courses also. If you interest the individuals or the group then not hesitate and contact us.

 CourSes of the program

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