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This program is based on what was originally intended for the elite and specialized police, military forces are training hard psychological foundations.

The mental tactical training as a training system in Hungary ILEA (International Law Enforcement Academy), better known as the FBI Academy was developed to prepare law enforcement professionals and soldiers. The design of the course began in 1999 to prepare a special care unit peacekeeping duties. During the past 19 years of training continuously developed, evolved and gained its present form, given that the basics about. Been the same for 10 years. The soul tactical training system architect Mr. József Vigh was internationally recognized as a hostage negotiator and psychologist.

The PSA instructor, this system was studied for several years, studied and applied by the police and soldiers preparing to have crossed before the civil sphere. The PSA instructor so well knowing and realizing the benefits of education, and this potential is, but seeing it that this training is the Hungarian police elite only limited access so using the most advanced tools, equipment as well this system worked through and developed further, the law enforcement and military personnel beyond the preparation for civil defense security professionals, bodyguards, EPS's, security agents, etc. PSD teams. Academy and the Cross of PSA have made this available to civilian employees of the security industry crews.

The PSA-Academy training program was incorporated into all of this stress-related training and over the years, this program is able to emerge due and to become widely recognized throughout the world for thousands of security education, training dealing with companies that are educational institutions.

The PSA Academy programs, teaching methods has been recognized and sought after all over the world. The PSA is now a well-known brand and guarantee the quality of education. Academy of PSA-based organization has more international recognition and formal education in an accredited educational institution as well as work.

As a result, graduates now occupy key positions in the security and defense industry, both in Europe and beyond, from all over the world.

A program to solve situations in life have occurred or are likely involved in training students. The tasks will always be compiled according to the group, a person area of ​​expertise. In the majority of situations, active, armed resistance often meet with participants in the program.

The PSA Academy performed Mental Tactical stress training in the government sector especially the elite police officers, security agents, soldiers, SWAT team members were represented, while the area of ​​civil security, protection of bodyguards, PSD / PMC troops, persons of diplomatic protection service members of armed security guards transporting money, bank security guards predominate.


The PSA Academy of use during the training sessions in a specially designed building which contains different rooms, premises, corridors, it is called tactical house, but the Americans referred to simply as "killer house".

Designed and furnished the rooms depends on the type of training according to the prior art. Thus, each module can focus on their specific area of ​​expertise occurring life situations and are designed to exercise so real environment.

The training is a specially designed Simulation weapon is used, which is identical to the parameters of a real firearm, which differ almost a plastic paint balls shoot out of ammunition. This airsoft gun is not to be confused with or paintball guns are not as compressed air instead of gunpowder gas is the same driving force of the bullet. Thus, during the training of the arms in situations when cooking produces symptoms similar to the original, causing a sense of reality.

In addition to the knife attack of realism to an end almost a specially developed real-protective reflexes and the development of psychological pressure to trigger that is called Shock Knife used during the training sessions. This means the occasion of the "cut-puncture" an electric Shock give the specific location of the Organisation so the end result of voltages that will be real senses and the brain during a scene.

During the training projectile weapon against simunition avoid serious injuries to an end almost a specially developed for this purpose called Simunition FX ® protective clothing is used to protect the neck and head and eye injuries caused by a bullet. This helmet is not a simple paintball mask but also makes the stress simunition based training courses has been developed.

This FX ® 9002 provides complete protection helmet for the head and a 180° peripheral vision scratch-resistant polycarbonate anti-fog coated insurer is provided with eye protection.

The environment combining the unique weapons program and create an extreme level of tension, which we consider each individual's personal reaction to the different situational contexts.

Each video is taken up in practice and after practice, they analyze, evaluate.

Thus practiced and gained knowledge and experience proved far more deeply fixed in the mind and in reality may be more functional work situations that occurred in the response.

During the exercises with a special hour using are monitored accurately determine a person's stress level of the individual measured heart rate and training before and after the blood sugar levels and damage it in the body of biochemical processes and changes that we can monitor progress and to control them.


Situations requiring the use of arms, means of coercion we found that almost no one was able to learn the way a policeman or a soldier or a civilian security specialist to behave, often only introduced instincts. In analyzing the practices of participants in implementing high-stress experience or reported, and what we found.

This made them unsuitable for conscious operation, which has been justified, that have never been (no knowledge of the situation) in this situation, and they did not know whether there will be the ability to own and external requirements - ie. legislation - According to perform the task (no task knowledge).

Some typical implementation errors, in part, to high stress levels, not previously part of the job position and knowledge-based indoctrination attributable to:

The gun was in a panic emptied (blank shots).

Operational problems of weapons declared loudly: "hurdle yet."

The depletion of weapons do not realize that the gun is empty fought the fire on their fight.

  • The gun was empty at the same time detecting means for some people to complete the task as well. 
  • Tasks before and after the use of weapons fail.
  • I do not dare to use the gun to humans or legal situation.
  • The accuracy is not measurable (2-4 m within the whole figure does not find out).
  • Upon request, the empty handed weapons believed to have withdrawn under the measure.
  • Do not communicate with each other and do not represent the Superiors.
  • Not able to take over control of persons subject to the measures and the combined area.
  • Moving in an area, a situation, which requires a non-existent reality.
  • In action when hit by them, you stop the action.
  • I do not remember a long time or in the wrong order can only recall what happened.
  • Occasionally completely lose their self-control, can not see or hear, but they fight.

This list contains the regular execution errors occur in any situation, from which a person usually come up more. However, there is much more extreme enforcement.


The creators of the program formulated by  Mr Joseph Vigh: The extreme degree of stress is a stress experience, during which the heart rate and blood pressure is near the physiological limit. As a result, the person's cognitive functions greatly affected (reduced vision, hearing, perception) or  completely interrupted. You can not learn the way to act, guided only by instinct. Under extreme stress for a few seconds almost die of the brain is completely dependent on the position of acting.

Current or former refers to experiencing extreme stress if you experience:

  • Irrational behavior during stress, may then also
  • paralysis,
  • Panic reactions,
  • Disaster Syndrome symptoms of the emergence of
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (after the traumatic days, weeks, or even years later stress symptoms);
  • The measure of their action can not remember, remember in part, or in the wrong order can recall - this time for many of the most significant risk events are ahead.


  • Psychological bound to contract, since the work in many cases can be either focused psychotherapy.
  • The training received are placed in situations in which they expect of their duties, and may experience extreme stress. In many cases, varying degrees of professional identity is compromised in doing so.
  • Detailed discussion: what to feel, to know, and you know what that experience was stress what I remember: what it is and how it performed.
  • Together, we look at the video recording task was then compared with the lived experiences.
  • Re-build the professional knowledge, clarifies the roles and situational awareness, correct  conditional reflexes are building up these practicing.
  • We teach you how to write successful programs for our souls in their minds. (The Neuro Linguistic Programming is a method used mainly.)
  • Stress, conflict resolution and other relevant professional knowledge training we also, if necessary.
  • Once again, place them in extreme situations where the majority has correctly understood their task and the situation is. Treated in exactly the professional competence, it is low stress experience, professional implementation, small loss.

  * Based on research Mr. Jozsef Vigh


Stress training program for police and military trainers, trainers of trainers instructor team of highly experienced international and NATO qualification who have plenty of real, personal experience and knowledge acquired over the years a variety of special police, military fields just as victims and witnesses, terror-prone areas , in war zones VIPs, shipments, special objects, providing diplomatic  legations and other special areas.

Then, using their knowledge and experience in the training of these units through the PSA and the police academy and military training of hundreds of civilians have been too protective security personnel, bodyguards and PSD team and contributed to the training of participant from around the world.


The Academy is to maintain the quality of education for larger groups of occupations in the group shares a number of smaller teams (max 14-15 students), and more instructors, and trainers use tokens, ensuring that everyone gets time during the course of the appropriate degree of personal attention.

The duration of the training stress of going from one day to a weekend-long complex art of preparing up to two weeks.

Minimum course all participants: 8 students per group.

Because our seminars are very popular recommended for students that if they want to take a course, you take your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


The courses are conducted in modern facilities of the PSA Academy Education and Training Centres in Europe as well as in our US, African and Asian centres also.

The PSA stress training programs, courses of conduct of the possible use of mobile training teams outside the center and branch offices as well as other countries where the organizing company or organization can provide the necessary conditions for conducting high-quality training and infrastructure.


  • valid accident insurance
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  • Statement own
  • Signature of the official declaration of confidentiality

THE MENTAL TATCICAL STRESS TRAINING PROGRAM description is available here, just click on the picture and see or download the program brochure.

We offer client specific courses also.

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