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Course levels

Course levels



The Introduction "Level" course focuses primarily on those courses that give us insights into our programs and where they can acquire the competency skills of different courses so that they can learn later in one of the graded levels and this "level" includes career orientation and team building courses as well.



These courses are a basic theoretical and practical knowledge to provide our students with skills they can use in the law enforcement and security sectors.During the course attention will be paid to the fact that the laws of the respective subjects taught in the background, and the best solutions to address the problem properly.

Students after completing the basic courses in their area feel much better and more confident about their job, with the primary emphasis on the individual task.These courses are primarily for who are new to law enforcement and security sector, and whose want to update their knowledge base.



The "Intermediate" level courses in basic level courses in various fields which extend the basic building trainings. Our students in a deeper and more detailed theoretical and practical training are given a medium risk level in their respective fields have areas they can apply. After the course students will be able to act as a member of a group.We offer these courses to law enforcement and security personnel working in private sector, who have the basic knowledge and want to expand the skill level in their profession.



In the multi-stage system of our training, this course is the first step the "pro" way to becoming.The Advanced course students during the various crisis situations, individual and group activities are given preparation, which can be applied to high-risk areas. The 75% of the courses are practical trainings. The level courses are devoted to the future of the profession as "experts" recommend, whose ideas, ambitions and needs are beyond the state-recognized vocational qualifications, diplomas, licenses have been acquired and are in addition to a high-quality, advanced and practical training to qualify.



This level is for the training of civil and government sector professionals and is the very peak of our educational system. This includes the training and further training of civil security professionals, bodyguards, security officers next to the training methods of various law enforcement and military units, special units. The training’s duration depends on the chosen subject and can last 2-16 weeks. 80% of courses have internship.

We also recommend this level to those civilians, who are well aware of their abilities, skills and limits and are also open to the reception of new and the refreshing of old knowledge and can stand strong discipline and the heavy physical and mental stress of the specialized training.

Note: Unlike other firms where somebody gets accepted into the professional level course and passes it automatically, our firm cannot guarantee that the student will complete it. But we will do anything to help him in it. We also have to state, that the drop-out rate is 30-40% and usually only 15% of the remaining students reach the highest qualification of the three staged course. 



"Refresh Training" - Training Update

In this category in the level of support, we offer training, or additional, specialized training in various areas of the profession for the existing qualified persons, groups and companies.

Because of the PSA-Academy's quality policy and special professional areas the validity of the order of degrees is 3 years. Therefore, this is the first level of the diploma which students will be valid for a further three years of the heavens and the extension of their knowledge up to date and the ability to maintain and develop over designed.

Instead of tha students this category is recommended for other persons or groups who have a particular professional field they want to expand their knowledge up to date or who just want to maintain the same level of practical knowledge, develop a specific topic area.

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